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Weight Loss Diaries #4

So, I got weighed this morning and I have lost 1 pound. This is in about three weeks.

Now, you would be well within your rights to say, why post that? A pound is nothing, really, is it? If I’d got weighed after breakfast then the scales probably wouldn’t have even been as kind.

But, in June last year I was 15 stones 10, I am now 14 stone 1. I am really really proud of that. Yes, by now I could have easily reached my target if I’d tried. Definitely. But still, I am SO much more happy to be the weight I am now rather than the weight I was then, that’s for sure!

And losing weight isn’t just about the figures on the scales.

I only own two pairs of jeans. My favourites are from French Connection and I got them for a song in the sale. Before I got married, they were hanging off me. After I got married and I had put on a stone (half a stone of which I put on during a one week all-inclusive cruise – EVIL!!) they still fit but felt a bit snug. When I tried them on after having Gwenn, I couldn’t get them on. I don’t mean that they wouldn’t zip up; I mean they literally wouldn’t pull up past my thighs.

Last week, I decided to try them on again … AND THEY FIT!

So, yes, I could have done better. But that doesn’t mean I’m not really chuffed with what I have achieved (although obviously all of this could have been avoided if I hadn’t eaten for 17 when I was pregnant!)

Before I go, here are my stats so far:

Current weight: 14 stones 1 pound

Weight lost this week: 1 pound

Weight lost so far: 1 stone 9 pounds

And yesterday we found my pedometer in the depths of Gwenn’s room so, as if next week, my steps stats will be back!!!

When you are trying to lose weight, are you old-school and stick with the scales or do you measure your results in a different way? I’d love to hear your story!

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Weight Loss Diary #3

I’ve lost 2 pounds!!!

Ok, so that only works out at 1 pound a week but STILL!!

I kind of hoped that I would reach 14 stones within a fortnight of starting my Weight Loss Diaries but for that I would’ve had to try SO much harder than I have been.

But, it’s a start and it’s much better than having put on 2 pounds, so I can’t say I’m not a little bit pleased.

On with the stats!

Current weight: 14 stones 2 pounds

Weight lost this week: 2 pounds

Weight lost so far: 1 stone 8 pounds

I also have to report that, so far, the pedometer is still missing but I have been looking at getting a Fitbit for my birthday to replace it.

If you would like to follow my progress, why not read my previous Weight Loss Diaries entries?

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My “Get Fit” Plan (Mums’ List #10)

In my pedometer challenge post I loosely set out my “get fitter and healthier and much less visually offensive” plan. I am woefully unfit, so I’ve had to break it down into four parts, because attempting it all at once would be the death of me.

1. Increase activity levels I’ve had my pedometer for about four weeks, but I haven’t been wearing it religiously; there are some days when I have been wearing something that makes it difficult so I haven’t bothered. So, what I’ve been doing is counting seven not necessarily consecutive days and I still think this gives a decent overview of my normal activity. After my first week, in which I did 81198 steps (the NHS recommends 70k a week to help keep fit) my second seven days added up to 85331 and my most recent clocked in at 81614, so, I am very satisfied that my basic level of activity is good. I think wearing the pedometer long term can only help make sure I keep it up, so I will continue to do so.

I’ve walked so far in these shoes I’ve put holes in both soles!

2. Eat better I really really struggle with this one. I know what foods are good and what are bad; we’re not talking about ignorance here, just pure greed. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t drink and when I am really stressed or tired or fed up, I reach for biscuits and chocolate instead of wine. In terms of putting things right, I am going to focus on my unconscious eating. So often I lose track of what I’ve eaten because I snack too much and quite often don’t eat lunch or tea because I just have what Gwenn won’t finish off. I think planning meals better will stop me and Andrew going for what is convenient and trying to avoid buying treats for the house will mean that when we are feeling peckish, there’s nothing lurking in the cupboards that we shouldn’t be having. I am going to replace pudding with coffee (I realise that this is hardly the healthiest replacement but it’s the best I can promise!!) and I am going to aim to have fruit and/or vegetables with every meal (whereas at the moment I probably only manage this at tea time).

This is dessert for me for the forseeable future!

3. Introduce cardiovascular exercise I have to realistic here and this is going to be really difficult for me. I am not going to go to the gym, because the thought makes me feel ill. I could get a fitness DVD for the house but I know I wouldn’t stick to it. I could run, but I think I’d have to build up really slowly and I would probably only run with a companion so I’d have to find a willing candidate! I have a bike which is the most likely option but, as with most areas of my life, I’m not sure where I would get the time. I know that sounds like a pathetic excuse but between Gwenn, and keeping on top of the house, and blogging, and re-decorating, and food shopping, Andrew’s football, work etc etc., I don’t get a lot of free time and we use up all our babysitting credits when I’m at work or when Andrew is renovating the house. I know that once I was cycling I would be glad I had made the effort and I know that afterwards I would feel loads better but it’s just the getting out and doing it when I just want to sit down for 30 minutes!!

4. Improve flexibility Most mornings I wake up feeling like an elderly woman and I have really noticed a difference in how flexible my legs are now compared to before I had Gwenn. I’m not very clued up when it comes to this type of thing, so any suggestions you can give me as to how to loosen my muscles will be gladly appreciated!! So, there you go, that’s my plan! I’m not very good at seeing things through, as a general rule of thumb, so wish me luck!


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Weight Loss Diary #2 (kind of …)

Okay, so I haven’t actually got weighed this week.

If I get weighed, and the scales don’t say what I like, then I tend to go on a cake and chocolate binge. It is the wrong time of the month and with all the water retention and general bleurgh-ness going on, I have a feeling any weigh-in will result in aforementioned binge, which won’t help me in the long run.

So, I have decided to give it a few days and get weighed when I don’t feel like the Stay Puft man.

But, I did say I was going to share my progress every week, so I thought I should write something and since my last post, I have made some observations about me and my eating habits.

But first, some sad news: I have lost my pedometer. I know it is somewhere in the house, but I’ll be damned if I can lay my hands on it. It’s not the end of the world really, because I’ve been wearing it for long enough to know roughly how far I have to walk in order to come in on a 70k a week target, but I’m still annoyed with myself that it has gone missing.

But, back to my observations.

1. I am very guilty of unconscious eating. Unconscious eating is eating mindlessly or eating without thinking. You know, when you’re preparing dinner but keep taking handfuls of Coco Pops out of the box or when you’re at a party and you help yourself to Pringles but can’t say with any authority how many you actually had.

The other day I had toast for breakfast and toast for tea. Other than that I honestly couldn’t accurately record what I had because it all blended into one. At lunch time I had some of what Gwenn was having and I also stole some of her pasta at her tea time, a couple of forkfuls maybe. When I baked muffins at my mam’s I definitely had one when Gwenn was napping and I had another half when I shared one with her later. But I also know that I picked around the edges of at least another two that were two shameful to put “on display” as it were. I very often have difficulty pin pointing what I’ve eaten because I eat a lot while making Gwenn’s meals, usually while standing up or walking around clearing up after her. It’s a rare occasion that I actually sit down and mindfully eat a meal.

Obviously the outcome of this is that it’s very easy to lose track of consumption but also there is very little enjoyment of eating.

2. I’ve become increasingly aware, as I lose more weight, that my body shape is very different. I knew this already, but the closer I get to my target weight without getting any closer to fitting in my old clothes, it’s obvious that even if I do get to the hallowed 12st 10, I’m not going to look the same as last time I was 12st 10!

I’ve been looking for some photos to demonstrate what I mean and I struggled because I don’t have that many full length photos in which I’m not using Gwenn as a shield!

This is me when I was getting towards my heaviest, pre-pregnancy that is. Amazing tan, granted, but my face looks like it’s been blown up with a foot pump (oh, and the image is tiny but it’s the best I could find that conveyed my point!).

My upper body looks really big – my arms especially. I don’t know exactly what I weighed here but it can’t be much more than I am now, and if it was, there’d have only been a few pounds in it.

The next one is from May (I think) this year when Gwenn was a year old yet in it I could easily pass for pregnant. My face looks so much slimmer than in the first photo but generally I’m like a human landslide. If you saw me without clothes on – DO NOT PANIC: That is not a threat! – you would see that from the belly button up I don’t look much different to before having a baby. But belly button down is just an absolute disaster.

This has got me thinking that I should be specifically targeting my middle somehow. Apart from cardiovascular, fat-burning exercise, is there anything I can do to slim down my core? When I was really fat, before getting married, I could still fit into size 16 skirts for work because I always had a little waist. Now, despite the fact that I’m lighter than I was then, I still can’t get any skirts zipped up because I’m such a different shape. I’ve been wearing a lot of trapeze and cocoon shapes recently because I’m so conscious of my waist (or lack thereof!)

So, please forgive me for chickening out of an actual weigh in! But also wish me luck this week in my attempt to eat more mindfully.

Did you find that your body shape changed a lot during pregnancy? Did it ever return to how it was before?


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Nuby Bath Toys – REVIEW

A little while ago, me and Andrew both had norovirus at the same time. I’ll be honest, those are two days of my life I would quite happily erase from history.

On the plus side though, I did lose 6lbs (result) but on the down side we did have to throw away all of Gwenn’s bath toys when they unfortunately found themselves in the firing line of the winter vomiting bug.

(Sorry Gwenn.)

But luckily for her, the lovely people at Nuby sent us some of their bath toy range to play with.

Here’s how she got on:

Kissy Fishy Bath Toy (6 months +):

The Kissy Fishy toy is two brightly coloured fish, joined by a string, that float on the water. Pull them apart and they find their way back to each other and plant a big kiss! The toy is suitable for 6 months + but for some reason Gwenn (who is 19 months) has struggled a bit. She enjoys seeing the fish being pulled apart but can’t work out how to do it herself.  The toy is designed to help with hand/eye coordination, so maybe given time she will work it out!

What I like about this, though, is it means the toy has longevity. She is definitely interested in the idea of pulling the fish apart but, for the moment, is happy to observe others doing it. Once she figures it out for herself, she will get even more fun out of it.

Playing with the Nuby Kissy Fishy

We liked the bright colours and the comfortable handle of the Kissy Fishy, and the fun sound the fish make when finding their way back to each other.

Scoop n Spin Bath Tub Toy (12 months +)

The Scoop n Spin is a clear jug (with a friendly crab face!) filled with brightly coloured cogs that spin and turn when water is poured through. When we opened the box, this was the toy that I was immediately drawn to (yes, I know I’m 32!) and I also knew Gwenn would go for this one first because she enjoys pouring water from a jug and watching water running from a tap. She has always enjoyed bath toys with holes in them and especially likes running her hands under them if somebody else holds them up.

Enjoying the Nuby Scoop n Spin

With the Scoop n Spin she likes to have a “shower” underneath it if I hold it and she also likes to play with it independently (watching her attempt to drink out of it has to be one of the highlights of the day). I think that this one is a good tool to get babies who hate having their hair washed used to getting water on their face. Gwenn gets genuinely distressed when we rinse her hair but she has been actively pouring water over her head with the Scoop n Spin because the water comes out more slowly and is less frightening than a jug.

Fishing Friends Bath Tub Toy (18 months +)

The Fishing Friends toy is a chunky brightly coloured rod with three accompanying “baits”: a duck, a turtle and a fish. Gwenn has always liked ducks (hence our bath mat!) and we call her “Turtle” so I really liked this one straight away.

But, out of the three, this was the toy I thought might be a bit difficult for Gwenn to master straight away because I wasn’t sure whether her motor skills and coordination are quite at the right stage to fully enjoy it. As it happens, it’s the one she has been most drawn to. She loves turning the reel and the rattle sound it makes, and she really enjoys putting the shapes on the hook by hand, or holding the rod so somebody else can place them. Again, I like the longevity of this toy because once she masters hooking the shapes from the water herself she will get new joy from it.

Mastering the Nuby Fishing Friends

When we play with this, I ask Gwenn to “catch” the bait by name – “Let’s get the turtle now” – so while being lots of fun, the Fishing Friends toy is also a good way of helping children identity different animals.

Overall I was really impressed with the selection of toys we received from Nuby. It’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into what babies would be drawn to (bright colours, friendly faces, comfortable hold) but also delivering the quality that parents expect (all three toys we were sent are BPA free).

DISCLAIMER – I was sent three bath toys to play with and review. I received no financial compensation and the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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Weight Loss Diary #1

This is the first in a series of posts I have planned about weight loss. Mine, specifically. Yes, I know, not exactly thrilling reading but I know that I am always interested in hearing about post-baby weight loss stories and for me this is kind of like going to a Slimming World meeting but I don’t have to pay and can wear pyjamas!

To begin, here’s a little background:

I think I must have been about 187 pounds when I found out I was pregnant, which was about 10 pounds heavier than my “happy” weight.

When I got weighed 9 weeks after Gwenn was born, I was about 220 pounds, meaning that (by my very loose calculations) I put on about 30 pounds during my pregnancy, which is frigging loads! I think the average weight gain guidelines are something near 25-30 pounds, but this is including baby and fluid!!

Fifteen stones and ten pounds is the weight of an actual human man.

I have lost 1 and a half stones since then, which is pretty rubbish really. I breastfed until 40 weeks which I used as an excuse to make zero effort.  I am a very emotional eater and as I am teetotal, I tend to rely on rubbish food as stress relief. In terms of exercise, I don’t do any but I am a really prolific walker! I am averaging about 80-82,000 steps on a weekly basis.

I need to get serious about this now, for both appearance and health reasons, so the other week I set out a Get Fit plan, which I will be using to help me reach my weight loss goal, alongside posting here couple of weeks (which I’m hoping will instill some fear into me!)

A bit less of this in future!

I know there are lots of ways to measure weight loss, but I prefer scales over tape measure so I’ll be weighing myself and sharing the results here. I’ll also let you know my step count, which needs to be at least 70k.

Here are my first set!!!


Current weight: 14 stones 4 pounds

Weight lost this week: N/A

Weight lost so far: 1 stone 7 pounds

Steps this week: 80738

My weight loss target is 12 stones 4 pounds which would take me to about half a stone lighter than I was when I got married (the lightest I have ever been in my adult life was 12 stones 7 pounds, in the January before I got married). Obviously I would like to be even lighter, but I think 2 stones is a reasonable target for now.

To quote an episode of Friends: “Big fat Grandma arms”

How much weight did you put on when you were pregnant? And, more importantly, how did you lose it?

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week (and some thoughts)

Today is the last day of World Breastfeeding Week (on a Thursday, yes, that is odd?) but I never really considered writing a post in honour of it. I’ve read a lot over the last seven days and I always enjoy hearing about other people’s breastfeeding experiences but, really, I didn’t feel I had anything to add. Plus, I’ve already written about my feeding journey in various posts so I felt like I’ve said what I wanted to say.

I’m not breastfeeding now. I stopped when Gwenn was 40 weeks. I feel that was a mistake but there’s nothing I can do about it now. Having breastfed, I totally get why people rave about it. I honestly feel like I was never as complete as when I was breastfeeding and I will never feel as whole ever again. At the same time, having had a lot of problems with feeding and having used formula alongside the whole time, I totally get why a lot of women “give up” in the early stages. I don’t really like the phrase “give up” because it kind of suggests laziness which I would imagine is 100% not the case and that the ladies who can’t carry on cry a lot of tears over the decision.

If I were to have another baby, then I would intend to breastfeed again and I’d like to think it would go more smoothly because I know what to expect now.

And that is the purpose of this post.

Know what to expect.

I’m an honest person. I scarred a pregnant woman indefinitely at Center Parcs by saying “When I was in labour, at times if I’d been given the choice between being humanely killed or carrying on, I’d have gone with the former”. (Basically, NEVER EVER ask me what labour is like!)

So, my advice to anybody who is pregnant and wants to breastfeed or isn’t pregnant but thinks they would breastfeed if they had a baby is this:

Establishing breastfeeding is hard.

Most newborns will want to feed every two hours. So if you start feeding at, say, 12, and the baby feeds for maybe 45 minutes then you will have an hour and 15 minutes before the next feed. And this might go on for 24hrs for weeks. You might not even get an hour and 15 minutes between feeds. You might get more. But prepare yourself for the fact that, if you want to give it a real go, you are best off sitting on the sofa with no top on for at least a month. And it might hurt a bit at first. If it really hurts, the latch might be wrong, so ask for help, but even if the latch is correct, feeding constantly does nobody’s nipples any good and the best cure is to smother them in Derma Mum and go braless (which is such an amazing look when the father-in-law comes over).

If you want to breastfeed exclusively, then you can’t really be separated from your baby or your breast pump for very long. If you go out, then you might find yourself hand expressing in a toilet cubicle after leaking all over your top. If you plan to leave baby for a long time, then you’ll have to plan where you’re going to express in order to avoid painful boobs or worse, mastitis.

Breastfeeding, exclusively or not, involves a massive personal sacrifice.

But nobody wants to tell you this. The NHS wants breastfeeding rates to rise so, understandably, health professionals want to skirt around the gory details. Not all of them; I don’t want to generalise unfairly. I moved just before birth and my new HV said that she wished she had met me before I had Gwenn so she could have prepared me for how hard breastfeeding could be. I just thought it would be so easy because it’s natural and I have boobs so, you know, sorted. WRONG!

I don’t mean to put anyone off. Why would I? I loved breastfeeding (eventually) and the fact that we combination fed meant that I could get a break sometimes and Andrew could help out. I would combi feed again in the future; it worked for us. But, if you think that breastfeeding will look like that Aptimil advert – all white furniture, glossy hair, and serene smiles – you are probably going to be disappointed.

I am hugely pro-breastfeeding and I think that it’s worth enduring a bit of discomfort in the beginning in order to get things started. I largely suffered in silence but there are loads of places you can get help and my HV was always trying to get me to go a breastfeeding drop-in at my Sure Start.

At the same time, I don’t think there’s any shame in deciding that breast isn’t best for you. I felt genuinely devastated in the beginning when we used formula but now I look back and I’m not bothered. What seems like the end of the world at the time will seem fairly unimportant in five years from now.

I have spoken to lots of people who, like me, thought that because breastfeeding was “natural” then that equated with “easy”. For some people it is mega straightforward but for most, or at least most people I have asked, it is not.

So, I truly wish all the breastfeeding mamas a “Happy Breastfeeding Week”! We got there in the end!

Click on the button below to read more breastfeeding stories, via Zena’s Suitcase


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My tips for curly haired girls (Mums’ List #11)

I have curly hair. I’m not particularly happy about it, but there it is. I’ve spent the last 15 years straightening the life out of it but now that I am a mum, I just don’t have the time to mess about and I’m having to embrace the wave. But I kind of feel as if I’m having to learn all over again – at the grand old age of 31 – how to style my hair. I’ve done a lot of Googling and Pinteresting to get ideas as to how to get my hair looking decent in not a lot of time and this is what I’ve learned. [Disclaimer: Curly hair is so varied, so these tips won’t work for everyone, but hopefully you can take something away from them!]

1. Realise that it won’t be easy Some people have amazing skin and can go make-up free without scaring the children. Some people are blessed with fast metabolisms and eat what they like without having to worry about the scales too much. Some people have great hair and go to bed five minutes after getting out of the shower, only to wake up with beautiful beachy waves. I have found that most people have one thing that makes them the envy of all their friends, and have to put a bit of work in with one or two other aspects of their appearance. If you are a curly girl, the chances are that your hair is going to give you no end of grief and you will never be a wash and go type of person. Once I accepted that my hair was a pain in the arse, I found it easier to deal with. I’m lucky that I don’t have to wear a lot of make-up but I have to spend forever on my hair. That is my lot in life. And I’m (kind of) okay with it.

No make-up, hair that took EFFING ages

2. Product, product, product (and heat) I couldn’t style my hair without using a few different hair products. Apart from the obvious shampoo and conditioner (I use John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start – everything else causes loads of static), I use John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects serum; John Frieda Curl Reviver Styling mousse (brand loyalty or what!); and whatever hairspray is on special offer. I also have to use curling tongs if I’m going to work or want to look in a mirror without dying a bit inside.

I tried to find a photo of me with non-heat styled hair. This was one of the best, which says a lot about how much I like my au-natural hair!

3. Experiment I’ve tried quite a few new things recently, since trying to get back in touch with my curly side. Not everything has worked but I’ve tried out plaiting my hair when wet; changing my parting; drying my hair naturally or with a hairdryer; different products; etc etc. I can get a lot of different looks within the curly spectrum depending on how I style it, especially as curly hair NEVER does the same thing two days in a row! I usually attempt new techniques on a day that I’m not going to work in case something goes horribly wrong and on some occasions I’ve had to totally iron out the waves in order to salvage the style. But, the more I’ve experimented, the closer I’m getting to finding a really straightforward method of getting nice hair without a lot of fuss.


Rough dried with a hairdryer then curled with a small barrel tong

4. Colour is your friend. If I didn’t have my hair coloured then it would look like a hedge; I need the lighter bits to break up the sheer volume. I have a ombre/balayage kind of thing done by the amazing Paula at Northburn Hair which means I don’t get any roots. Obviously long-term colouring is going to damage your hair – there’s no getting away from that – and after 15 years of highlights my hair does need to be cut quite often to keep it manageable. But when I consider the alternative, I can cope with a few extra split ends.

5. The longer, the better Curly hair springs up A LOT. My hair looks about two-three inches longer when I wear it straight than when I let it do its own thing. I would advise getting your hair cut when its dry rather than wet, so you don’t get any nasty surprises once it’s styled. Obviously it helps to look after your hair as much as possible to avoid damaged ends and regular trims, but as I’ve already said, I need heat styling and highlights so this isn’t an option for me! My curls need a lot of weight to keep them from being really tight and perm-like and it’s nowhere near long enough yet. I think I’ve got about a year or two before it’s right.

6. Leave it alone!! I am a fiddler when it comes to hair. If my hair is straight, then it’s okay, but many a time I have gone from curly hair to a triangular mess after pulling out every wave. Gwenn also pulls my curls out quite a lot and I’ll end up with one frizzy straight side and one bouncy curly side after we’ve been playing. I’m also guilty of twiddling it when it’s drying therefore ruining it before it’s even had a chance to “set”.

This photo was taken after a rescue job in a cafe toilet – with tap water and a hand dryer – following an hour and a half car journey and wandering hands!

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to making curly hair work! What products are your “can’t do withouts”?


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Mums’ List #9

The Mums’ List linky, hosted by Hannah at Mums’ Days, is a great opportunity to look back over the week and share personal highs and lows and also connect with and learn from other bloggers.

Now on the subject of connecting with fellow bloggers, this weekend it was Britmums Live, which is a massive blogging conference that I didn’t attend, and from the looks of my Twitter feed, I was the only one not there! I’ve really enjoyed reading about everybody’s experiences and seeing their photos and I will admit, although I couldn’t have afforded to go and wouldn’t go away without Gwenn anyway, I did feel a pang (okay, a shedload) of jealousy.

But even though I wasn’t in London with everyone, I have picked up some things from Tweets and Facebook statuses that have got me thinking about the my little corner of the internet. I’ll not bore everyone to tears talking about the blog’s “direction” AGAIN 😉 but I am taking (mental, at the moment) steps to give my site more of an identity. What I mean by that is, I’m very aware that I don’t give enough of “me”. When reading some of my favourite blogs, I get a very strong feeling about the person who has written it but I think I have held a lot back so far.

To try rectify this, last Sunday I did my first lifestyle post about Father’s Day. I still feel weird about it, in a “Well, who’s going to be interested in just reading about what you did?” way, but hopefully it’ll give readers a little insight into my family life? I also did a fun post about breastfeeding style ideas that wasn’t exactly informative but I was trying to keep it lighthearted.

Thanks to Hannah sharing two of my posts on her Facebook page this week, my stats have been, in the words of WordPress, “booming”. I never seem to convert views into comments though. Without comments it’s impossible to know whether readers are enjoying what you have to say. Has anybody else had this problem?

Elsewhere on the internet, and probably because I have three weeks to get a new body, face, skin and hair before our holiday, I really connected with Damaging Body Image  by Aby at You Baby Me Mummy.

Today we went to get Gwenn’s first pair of shoes, even though she seems to have returned to crawling almost exclusively after giving walking a quick go and deciding it wasn’t for her. This is the best photo I could get of the measuring experience!!

Other things we have done this week include:

Finding happiness in a bottle (and those who read my post about being teetotal will understand that this does not come easily to me!) …

Sitting on a flyover and let our hair blow around, 80′s power ballad vid stylee …

Buying some new books, due to me getting sick of reading the same things every night …

So that was my week. Tomorrow I am going to start Eating Clean in preparation for Center Parcs, so I’ll be able to update you next time on how I’ve found it. I give it two days!!!


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Baby’s Outfit of the Day #1

I’m taking a bit of a break from the blog at the moment but I can’t shake my total fomo and I find myself posting here and there, just to stay in the loop. I saw yesterday that Ickle Pickle has started a new linky called “Baby’s Outfit of the Day”, or #bootd if you will, which sounds mega cute and fun but also, for me, a great way to keep blogging without having to spend hours and hours hunched over the laptop.

When I was pregnant I was convinced I was having a boy, but when Gwenn came along I have to admit I was very excited that I could spend the next year or so dressing a GIRL!!!!!, before she gets to willful and demands to choose her own outfits. Having let myself majorly go, I kind of live vicariously through her outfits and love nothing more than putting looks together (which she ruins within seconds with her stinky hummous hands 🙁 ) and turning over pages in the Mini Boden catalogue planning my next purchases!

So, here is my first BOOTD!

COAT – Next

CARDIGAN – Nutmeg at Morrisons

TUNIC – John Lewis



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