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Baby’s Outfit of the Day #2

Two things dawned on me when choosing the photo for this week’s BOOTD. First is that Gwenn is sitting in the exact same swing as she was in last week’s photo. Second is she is – inadvertently – wearing head to toe Marks & Spencer!

It wasn’t intentional. In fact, I usually avoid dressing her in one brand and whenever she’s received a “set” in the past, I have tended to spilt it up.

But, on this sunny Wednesday, it turned out that everything that was clean (we’ve just moved house and are washing machine-less) and matched just so happened to be from good old M&S.

The jumper dress was a present from my Mam before Christmas, and I bought the leggings, shoes and hat the other week.

Oh, and come to think of it, her bodysuit was from John Lewis!

Hat – M&S
Jumper dress – (also) M&S
Leggings – (yep, you guessed it) M&S
Socks & trainers – (this is getting silly now!) M&S

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