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Nuby Bath Toys – REVIEW

A little while ago, me and Andrew both had norovirus at the same time. I’ll be honest, those are two days of my life I would quite happily erase from history.

On the plus side though, I did lose 6lbs (result) but on the down side we did have to throw away all of Gwenn’s bath toys when they unfortunately found themselves in the firing line of the winter vomiting bug.

(Sorry Gwenn.)

But luckily for her, the lovely people at Nuby sent us some of their bath toy range to play with.

Here’s how she got on:

Kissy Fishy Bath Toy (6 months +):

The Kissy Fishy toy is two brightly coloured fish, joined by a string, that float on the water. Pull them apart and they find their way back to each other and plant a big kiss! The toy is suitable for 6 months + but for some reason Gwenn (who is 19 months) has struggled a bit. She enjoys seeing the fish being pulled apart but can’t work out how to do it herself.  The toy is designed to help with hand/eye coordination, so maybe given time she will work it out!

What I like about this, though, is it means the toy has longevity. She is definitely interested in the idea of pulling the fish apart but, for the moment, is happy to observe others doing it. Once she figures it out for herself, she will get even more fun out of it.

Playing with the Nuby Kissy Fishy

We liked the bright colours and the comfortable handle of the Kissy Fishy, and the fun sound the fish make when finding their way back to each other.

Scoop n Spin Bath Tub Toy (12 months +)

The Scoop n Spin is a clear jug (with a friendly crab face!) filled with brightly coloured cogs that spin and turn when water is poured through. When we opened the box, this was the toy that I was immediately drawn to (yes, I know I’m 32!) and I also knew Gwenn would go for this one first because she enjoys pouring water from a jug and watching water running from a tap. She has always enjoyed bath toys with holes in them and especially likes running her hands under them if somebody else holds them up.

Enjoying the Nuby Scoop n Spin

With the Scoop n Spin she likes to have a “shower” underneath it if I hold it and she also likes to play with it independently (watching her attempt to drink out of it has to be one of the highlights of the day). I think that this one is a good tool to get babies who hate having their hair washed used to getting water on their face. Gwenn gets genuinely distressed when we rinse her hair but she has been actively pouring water over her head with the Scoop n Spin because the water comes out more slowly and is less frightening than a jug.

Fishing Friends Bath Tub Toy (18 months +)

The Fishing Friends toy is a chunky brightly coloured rod with three accompanying “baits”: a duck, a turtle and a fish. Gwenn has always liked ducks (hence our bath mat!) and we call her “Turtle” so I really liked this one straight away.

But, out of the three, this was the toy I thought might be a bit difficult for Gwenn to master straight away because I wasn’t sure whether her motor skills and coordination are quite at the right stage to fully enjoy it. As it happens, it’s the one she has been most drawn to. She loves turning the reel and the rattle sound it makes, and she really enjoys putting the shapes on the hook by hand, or holding the rod so somebody else can place them. Again, I like the longevity of this toy because once she masters hooking the shapes from the water herself she will get new joy from it.

Mastering the Nuby Fishing Friends

When we play with this, I ask Gwenn to “catch” the bait by name – “Let’s get the turtle now” – so while being lots of fun, the Fishing Friends toy is also a good way of helping children identity different animals.

Overall I was really impressed with the selection of toys we received from Nuby. It’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into what babies would be drawn to (bright colours, friendly faces, comfortable hold) but also delivering the quality that parents expect (all three toys we were sent are BPA free).

DISCLAIMER – I was sent three bath toys to play with and review. I received no financial compensation and the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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