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Pastures new …

So, we moved house on yesterday. Or rather we moved from a flat to a house.

I’m so excited to have stairs!!!

We only owned the flat for 18 months. We bought it when I was 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. I had my reservations about it but if we had pulled out at that stage we’d have been technically homeless, having sold Andrew’s flat months beforehand. It needed a serious amount of work to be done in every single room (which meant it was cheap as chips to buy) and Andrew, bless him, did not have a minute of free time for months.

It was a lovely flat on a lovely street in one of the most fancy postcodes in the county. The rooms were big, loads of period features and because it was an absolute steal we really spared no expense in renovating it. But ultimately it was never going to be family home. There weren’t enough rooms; the layout just didn’t work at all (most narrow kitchen in the UK; no room for a table and chairs; the nursery was adjacent to the living room) and I think we had outgrown it by the time Gwenn was a month old.

It also became apparent fairly quickly that, when I returned to work, childcare was going to be it bit of a problem because I don’t drive and didn’t live within walking distance of my parents. To make everybody’s life easier, it made sense for us all to live close to each other.

In January we made the decision to be back to where I grew up, where we could afford to buy a house and could easily access childcare. It would also mean that, having put down roots, we could start thinking about nursery and school for Gwenn (I honestly had not realised how soon these things need to be organised!). We looked at three bed houses but we only saw one that worked and we could afford, but somebody got in there first. We bought a two bed on the basis that the rooms are massive and future baby and Gwenn could easily be roomies. It takes four minutes to walk to my Dad’s and five minutes to walk to my Mam’s and I think Gwenn is so lucky to live within walking distance of two sets of grandparents. There’s also a really good primary school around the corner, a shopping centre a stones throw from our front door and it’s ten minutes on the Metro to Newcastle city centre.

Okay, so we don’t have a front garden, and every so often a double decker bus drives past our window (although at least the bustop isn’t directly outside; my step-gran has to put up with that and it would drive me crazy!). And we’re no longer a short stroll from the sea and the whole cafe culture thing but you have to cut your cloth accordingly, don’t you? We made a lot of money selling the flat meaning the mortgage we have now will be paid off by the time I’m 51 and I will never have to work full-time if I choose not to. We might not be rolling in it, but it means I can spend as much time with Gwenn as possible.

So far, after a day 😉 , I feel like we have definitely made the right decision to move.

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