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What I learned from BritMums Live (without actually being there!)

So, this time last week, a lot of my fellow bloggers were at a conference called BritMums 2014. If you are a blogger, then you’ll know all about it. If you are not, then it was kind of like a parent bloggers convention with loads of workshops, keynote speeches, meet & greets with brands, an awards ceremony and loads of other wonderful, inspirational stuff.

Since then, my Twitter feed and Bloglovin round up has been FULL of BritMums 2014 talk, and it is amazing what a massive impact those two days have had across mum bloggers across the UK. Serious changes are afoot!

Even though I wasn’t there, the energy from the conference has been infectious and I have tried to read every post about it this week. I have a Reading List full still to get through. Despite the fact that I was hundreds of miles away from the action, I have been thinking all this week about my blog’s future and I already feel as if I am drowning in the sheer volume of amazing tips that I have learned by reading other sites.

In order to really get my head around things, I am going to have to take a step back. I need a week or so to consider the design of the blog and to find out what I can do to improve it, staying within the boundaries set by my financial means and technical abilities!

I also need to consider the direction the blog is taking. I’ve talked about this in a previous blog whinge but when I started Betty and the Bumps, pregnancy and breastfeeding seemed very much “the thing” because Gwenn was less than 6 months old. That all seems pretty irrelevant now, to be honest. It has taken me a while to know what I want the blog to be about and what I enjoy writing about most. As with a lot of things in life, and get this for an eloquent statement, you have to do it to know it. I think this site is going to end up being really different to the vision I had in the beginning. I’m not saying that what has gone before needs to be burned. I am not saying my earliest stuff was my best work (and the earliest posts smack very much of a person finding her feet) but writing them and publishing them helped me learn a lot about the blogging process.

So, going forward, there is a LOT of behind the scenes stuff to be done. First I need to collate all of the things I have learned from various posts and work out how to apply them. Once I begin to delve into the complicated world of SEO, will I ever return? For me, the IT side of things is going to be my biggest struggle, but will pay off massively if I get to grips with it. A blogging bud and wonderful all round human has already set the wheels in motion for a local blogging clinic, where I know I’ll be able to get support with this type of thing.

One thing I do find easier is just writing, and I think the content focus will be on appearance and looking good. Ok, vain. But it’s important. To me. And lots of other people. So I will be talking a lot about how fat I am and my hair plan (and if you don’t have a hair plan, why don’t you have a hair plan?)

I am still really interested in pregnancy and breastfeeding so I’m sure there will be a few related posts. I said to a fellow blogger once that breastfeeding was actually a more significant part of my life than being pregnant so yes, I will continue bang on about it. But, If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times but Gwenn was partly breastfed partly formula fed from day 2 of her life so this is not going to be a space only exclusive breastfeeders will feel comfortable. My stance is that, when it comes to babies, I am pro-feeding. By the time they start school, nobody gives a shit anyway.

I want to give more of myself. For too long I have worried what other people will think of me trying to get into this blogging lark and that has affected what I have written about and shared. I’ve already done one lifestyle post about Father’s Day, and a few posts about our house renovation, but I think I’d like to do more.

Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is SO much that I want and need to do. My head is swirling with so many ideas, and I know that time isn’t really going to allow for all the changes that I need to make to happen quickly. But that shouldn’t stop me from trying?

What did you learn from BritMums?


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