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Weight Loss Diary #1

This is the first in a series of posts I have planned about weight loss. Mine, specifically. Yes, I know, not exactly thrilling reading but I know that I am always interested in hearing about post-baby weight loss stories and for me this is kind of like going to a Slimming World meeting but I don’t have to pay and can wear pyjamas!

To begin, here’s a little background:

I think I must have been about 187 pounds when I found out I was pregnant, which was about 10 pounds heavier than my “happy” weight.

When I got weighed 9 weeks after Gwenn was born, I was about 220 pounds, meaning that (by my very loose calculations) I put on about 30 pounds during my pregnancy, which is frigging loads! I think the average weight gain guidelines are something near 25-30 pounds, but this is including baby and fluid!!

Fifteen stones and ten pounds is the weight of an actual human man.

I have lost 1 and a half stones since then, which is pretty rubbish really. I breastfed until 40 weeks which I used as an excuse to make zero effort.  I am a very emotional eater and as I am teetotal, I tend to rely on rubbish food as stress relief. In terms of exercise, I don’t do any but I am a really prolific walker! I am averaging about 80-82,000 steps on a weekly basis.

I need to get serious about this now, for both appearance and health reasons, so the other week I set out a Get Fit plan, which I will be using to help me reach my weight loss goal, alongside posting here couple of weeks (which I’m hoping will instill some fear into me!)

A bit less of this in future!

I know there are lots of ways to measure weight loss, but I prefer scales over tape measure so I’ll be weighing myself and sharing the results here. I’ll also let you know my step count, which needs to be at least 70k.

Here are my first set!!!


Current weight: 14 stones 4 pounds

Weight lost this week: N/A

Weight lost so far: 1 stone 7 pounds

Steps this week: 80738

My weight loss target is 12 stones 4 pounds which would take me to about half a stone lighter than I was when I got married (the lightest I have ever been in my adult life was 12 stones 7 pounds, in the January before I got married). Obviously I would like to be even lighter, but I think 2 stones is a reasonable target for now.

To quote an episode of Friends: “Big fat Grandma arms”

How much weight did you put on when you were pregnant? And, more importantly, how did you lose it?

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